Bonnaroo Expungments

Expunging a case removes the existence of it from your criminal history. The file is literally destroyed in the court clerk’s office. Only certain cases can be expunged, and primarily those which fall into two categories.

  • Cases which were dismissed (or nolle’ prosequi, latin meaning ‘not prosecuted’)
  • Cases which resulted in the successful completion of either pre-trial or judicial diversion, and were ultimately dismissed

The type of cases which can be expunged in Tennessee are limited and once a disposition is entered in a case, it generally cannot be ‘undone’. For that reason it is critical that your case is properly resolved from the beginning. Convictions, for example, generally are not able to be expunged. They are permanently part of your record and will follow you forever. Failing to properly handle a case can result in a permanent conviction which may have been otherwise eligible to have expunged.

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