Criminal Citation at Bonnaroo?

Generally, appearance is required for all citations received at Bonnaroo. There are however some criminal citations which may be able to be resolved without a court appearance. Contact our office to discuss your situation. What do I need to do to resolve this favorably? Contact a Tennessee criminal defense lawyer to discuss the nature of the charge. The most commonly cited offense at Bonnaroo, by far, is simple possession. There are ways of ensuring this stays off of your permanent criminal record, but you will need the assistance of a Tennessee attorney. Am I facing jail … [Read more...]

Dismissed – Now to expunge.

Having a case dismissed is only one part of the process of clearing someone’s arrest record. In Tennessee, once a case has been dismissed it is then eligible to be expunged from your record. Expunging a record removes the existence of the case altogether from your criminal history. It’s the difference between a record which reflects someone who has never been arrested, and someone who was once charged with a crime but later the charge was dismissed. For example, if you are charged with a felony drug offense and the prosecutor decides later to dismiss the case; anyone who runs your … [Read more...]

Appellate Court Affirms Trial Court Throwing Out Drugs Found From Warrantless Search

In Tennessee, as well as any other state around the country, it's  common knowledge that law enforcement has the authority to stop a motorist for a traffic violation. Subsequent to a stop, some motorists may find themselves temporarily detained by a police officer during a traffic violation stop for reasons of reasonable suspicion or probable cause. The issue then becomes how long can an officer detain a motorist and what kinds of questions can be asked beyond the scope of the initial reason for the stop before a person's Fourth Amendment rights as well as Article I, Section 7 of the Tennessee … [Read more...]

Stingray Surveillance Devices Used To Effect Arrest May Be Violating The Fourth Amendment

Stingrays, also known as cell tower simulators or "IMSI catchers," are invasive cell phone surveillance devices that mimic cell phone towers and send out signals to trick cell phones in the area into transmitting their locations and identifying information no matter if the phone is turned on or off. When used to track a suspect's cell phone, they also gather information about the phones of countless bystanders who happen to be nearby. The ACLU states that law enforcement all over the country possess Stingrays, though those agencies that use them and their use in general is shrouded in … [Read more...]

Penalties for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia in Tennessee

Although the law is arguably ambiguous in its application, Tennessee Code Annotated 39-17-425 makes it illegal for any person to have or be in control of  drug paraphernalia that can used for the consumption of a controlled substance. Drugs do not necessarily need to be present in order for a person to receive a paraphernalia conviction under Tennessee laws. Possession of drug paraphernalia is a serious charge because it is considered a drug related offense and therefore treated as such. A person may be convicted of the crime of possession of drug paraphernalia if the prosecution proves that … [Read more...]

3 Legal Tips for Bonnaroo

How to Get There While traveling, avoid the Scenic Route. Take the interstates and ignore your GPS. The rural highways may be faster but the more rural counties surrounding Manchester, TN cash in, quite literally, on the opportunity to stop and cite those on the way to Bonnaroo. Your Rights You can expect if you are stopped the officer or state trooper will request to search your vehicle. You have the right to refuse a search of your vehicle. It’s your right under the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Use it. Expect to be searched anyway but know that you saying "No", does … [Read more...]

Criminal Citations in Tennessee

How am I charged with a crime if I was not arrested? For misdemeanor criminal offenses in Tennessee, law enforcement may choose to issue a citation instead of making an arrest. So long as the person does not have any active warrants or prior failure to appear charges, the officer may choose to issue a citation and not make an arrest. For felony offenses, although rare, the State may use a criminal summons. Does not being arrested mean the charge is not that serious? Being charged with a criminal offense means you could potentially go to jail. It’s serious. Class A misdemeanors are … [Read more...]

TN Drug Possession Laws Bonnaroo 2013

Here are some pointers and FYI’s in hopes you can avoid a possession citation or arrest while you're at Bonnaroo. Drug crimes in Tennessee are complex and potential consequences if convicted can require looking at a number of factors, including the type of drug, whether any potential enhancements may apply (such as whether you were charged within a school zone) and the range of the offender if it is a felony charge. This is intended to be a summary of Tennessee's drug laws, however if you have either been arrested or received a citation for a drug offense, you should call a Tennessee … [Read more...]

What are scheduled drugs in Tennessee?

What are scheduled drugs? Drugs are categorized based on a number of factors, including risk of dependency, addiction, and whether or not they have any legitimate medical use. Schedule I for example, are considered to be the most dangerous, whereas Schedule VII would be considered to be the least dangerous. Below is some further explanation as well as example of drugs included in those categories.  Schedule I drugs include those that are the most dangerous and have a high risk of addiction or dependency and no legitimate medical use. Drugs included under this heading include LSD, … [Read more...]

Drug Possession in TN – Simple Possession and Possession with Intent

Drug Possession in Tennessee The difference between misdemeanor Simple Possession and felony Possession with Intent in Tennessee There is one difference between misdemeanor and felony drug possession: What you were planning to do with the drug. Did you have it for your own personal use, or rather with the intent to distribute or re-sell it? WHY WAS I CHARGED WITH A FELONY? The law sets out certain drug amounts which any amount over that is presumed to be possession with intent to distribute or re-sell. With marijuana, any amount of .5 an ounce is considered possession with … [Read more...]

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