9 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Attorney Even for a Misdemeanor Charge

The ‘But, it’s just a misdemeanor’ demeanor, implying that the charges are not that serious and the punishments not that severe are typically incorrect. Aside from potential jail time, any criminal conviction can greatly impact your life. You need to be informed and understand the impact of the decision you make regarding your criminal case. Hiring a criminal attorney might be the best ‘career’ move you ever made. Consider this: 1. A criminal conviction will substantially decrease your likelihood of getting a job; 2. Fines assessed without any consideration as to your ability to … [Read more...]

Nashville Criminal Lawyers Explain: The ONLY way to BEAT a DUI in Tennessee

Often, I’ll see other DUI attorneys offer advice as to how to ‘beat a DUI’. If you look closely at the suggestions, they aren’t actually offering advice on beating a DUI. They are 1.) Offering standard tips which are common sense if you’ve been drinking (or arrested), or they 2.) Consist of reasons DUI charges are often reduced or dismissed. The latter consist of things entirely out of your control, such as whether the officer followed proper procedures in administering sobriety tests and breathalyzer. It is typically good advice, but don’t buy into the thought that there is any fool proof way … [Read more...]

Nashville Criminal Lawyer Explains: The New Tennessee DUI Law

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Nashville Criminal Lawyers Explain: Your Miranda Rights in Tennessee

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Nashville Criminal Lawyers Provides Discount for Active Military

For our soldiers stationed at Fort Campbell, or any other active military we now offer a 25% discount off for our services. Don’t let drinking and celebrating a night out in Nashville ruin your military career. If you find yourself in trouble, contact our Nashville DUI lawyers immediately. Communications always remain confidential and we will make every effort to resolve the situation as swiftly and favorably as possible. We also offer free consultations for criminal cases, DUI cases, personal injury, and domestic cases. Call us today with any questions at (615) 829 - 8259. It’s the … [Read more...]

Nashville DUI Lawyer’s Random Fact

The ‘breathalyzer’ is actually the brand name of the breath analyzer products originally developed and sold by…Smith and Wesson…the largest manufacturer of handguns in the United States.   … [Read more...]

How to Perform a Quick and Free Background Check in Tennessee

As a Nashville attorney, sometimes I’d like to know a little more information about a person, including but not limited to any criminal offenses they may have pending or have been charged with in their past. If they are from Nashville, there are a number of free resources I use as an attorney in Nashville which would be helpful for most to know – whether you’re a father wanting to check up on your daughter’s boyfriend, his parents, his uncles, etc…or just being nosy. The Basics: The first resource is through the Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk’s office which provides public case … [Read more...]

Nashville Criminal Attorneys Explain: DUI on a bicycle in Nashville, really?

Odd blog topic? Maybe, but these are the types of questions that get tossed out at cocktail parties when folks are trying to figure out their best way home. The answer is ‘No’, you cannot receive a DUI for riding a bicycle - not in Tennessee, anyway. Unlike several other states, which prohibit the use or operation of a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the DUI statute in Tennessee prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence. Intoxicated and driving a lawnmower in Nashville? DUI.  Decide your moped is safer to drive home after drinking to the … [Read more...]

Nashville DUI Lawyers Explain: DUI Checkpoints on New Years Eve

New Years Eve is undoubtedly is the busiest time of the year for Nashville DUI officers and the month of January becomes the busiest month for DUI lawyers in Nashville. Check points will be set up throughout the city of Nashville, beginning around 6 pm and ending around 4 am Saturday morning. In Franklin,'Operation DUI Blitz' will be in effect with additional officers patrolling and at least one known DUI checkpoint in Franklin between Cool Springs Blvd and Baker's Bridge along Carothers. Inevitably, many will choose to drink too much and then get behind the wheel. If you find yourself … [Read more...]

Nashville DUI Lawyers Explain: Uniqueness of DUI Charges in Tennessee

Driving under the influence (or DUI) is one of the few crimes in Tennessee which is often committed by ‘non-criminals’, meaning they are individuals who do not have a criminal history at all or have little criminal history. These citizens often have no tendency to commit violent crimes and the crime is just as likely to be committed by a member of any socio-economic faction.  Aside from a traffic citation, DUI is perhaps the one crime that even upstanding members of society may commit and because of that, it’s perception as to its degree of seriousness is undermined. The consequences of … [Read more...]

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