9 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Attorney Even for a Misdemeanor Charge

The ‘But, it’s just a misdemeanor’ demeanor, implying that the charges are not that serious and the punishments not that severe are typically incorrect. Aside from potential jail time, any criminal conviction can greatly impact your life. You need to be informed and understand the impact of the decision you make regarding your criminal case. Hiring a criminal attorney might be the best ‘career’ move you ever made. Consider this: 1. A criminal conviction will substantially decrease your likelihood of getting a job; 2. Fines assessed without any consideration as to your ability to … [Read more...]

Nashville Criminal Lawyers Explain: Your Miranda Rights in Tennessee

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Nashville Criminal Lawyers Provides Discount for Active Military

For our soldiers stationed at Fort Campbell, or any other active military we now offer a 25% discount off for our services. Don’t let drinking and celebrating a night out in Nashville ruin your military career. If you find yourself in trouble, contact our Nashville DUI lawyers immediately. Communications always remain confidential and we will make every effort to resolve the situation as swiftly and favorably as possible. We also offer free consultations for criminal cases, DUI cases, personal injury, and domestic cases. Call us today with any questions at (615) 829 - 8259. It’s the … [Read more...]

Thank you Tennessee Bar Association

Today and yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend for the second time the 'CLE Blast' for attorneys at the Tennessee Bar Association in Nashville. It takes many hours of preparation for the staff to conduct the event and they inevitably put in many hours during the event itself since it goes from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday. (I'd like to note that this year's event coincided with New Years Eve on Friday - and the staff will be there until at least 7 pm that evening while most of us are two (or four) drinks into the New Years celebration. It provides an excellent opportunity for … [Read more...]

Nashville Criminal Attorney Explains: Tennessee Drug Laws

In 1987 in response to an increase in drug activity, then Governor Ned Ray McWherter initiated the Drug Free Tennessee program which resulted in a variety of programs designed to address a growing drug and alcohol problem not only in Nashville and the major cities, but throughout rural Tennessee as well. As a result, the Tennessee Drug Control Act was passed into law. Specific drugs are placed into categories representing their potential for abuse. Schedule I drugs present the greatest likelihood of abuse while Schedule VII represent the least likelihood of abuse and all classified drugs are … [Read more...]

Nashville Criminal Attorney Explains: Prosecution Limitations on Criminal Cases in Tennessee

Most people are familiar with a statute of limitations on civil cases, but it largely goes unnoticed with criminal cases. With the advance of forensics, many ‘Cold Cases’ are provided a new breath of life and receive quite a bit of media attention. People often do not realize there are limitations to when a crime can be prosecuted and with some exceptions, there are limitations to the prosecution of most crimes in the State of Tennessee. Our Nashville Criminal Lawyers have provided a brief, simplified explanation of the limitations. If you have been charged with any misdemeanor in Tennessee … [Read more...]

Nashville Criminal Lawyers Explain: Miranda Rights

Nashville Criminal Lawyer Explains Miranda Rights … [Read more...]

Nashville Criminal Lawyer Explains: Kidnapping Offenses in Tennessee

False Imprisonment - a person commits the offense of false imprisonment who knowingly removes or confines another unlawfully so as to interfere substantially with the other's liberty. False Imprisonment is a Class A Misdemeanor in Tennessee Kidnapping in Tennessee is false imprisonment under circumstances exposing the other person to substantial risk of bodily injury. Kidnapping in Tennessee is a Class C Felony. Aggravated Kidnapping in Tennessee is a Class B Felony and is False Imprisonment committed: (1) To facilitate the commission of any felony or flight thereafter; (2) To … [Read more...]

Why the Same Criminal Charges May Result in Different Sentences in Tennessee

Recently, I had a client who was facing criminal charges in Nashville. It was a felony drug case and he faced a relatively lengthy sentence. He asked me why a friend of his who had been charged with the same offense had received a different plea offer from the Nashville District Attorney. It’s a common question, but explaining why the plea offers were different is impossible without knowing all of the circumstances surrounding the other case. The length of a criminal sentence in Tennessee depends on a number of factors and knowing the criminal charge or charges is only one part of the equation … [Read more...]

Felony Criminal Sentence Ranges in Tennessee

TENNESSEE RANGE I SENTENCES Class A Felony: 15 – 25 years Class B Felony: 8 – 12 years Class C Felony: 3 – 6 years Class D Felony: 2 – 4 years Class E Felony:  1 – 2 years TENNESSEE RANGE II SENTENCES Class A Felony: 25 – 40 years Class B Felony: 12 – 20 years Class C Felony: 6 – 10 years Class D Felony: 4 – 8 years Class E Felony:  2 – 4 years TENNESSEE RANGE III SENTENCES Class A Felony: 40 – 60 years Class B Felony: 20 – 30 years Class C Felony: 10 – 15 years Class D Felony: 8 – 12 years Class E Felony:  4 – 6 years … [Read more...]

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