Driving/Traffic Offenses in Tennessee (including DUI)

In Tennessee, mandatory jail time and the loss of your Tennessee driving privileges accompany many convictions for driving offenses. Dealing with the ramifications of these offenses can be very costly and time consuming. Furthermore, being prosecuted for Vehicular Assault and Vehicular Homicide causes added stress and strain to an already tragic event. If you have been charged in Nashville or a surrounding county with any driving related offense, failing to have an Nashville attorney review the case can result in serious, long term consequences.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys handle the defense of the following driving related Tennessee offenses:

Driving Under the Influence (DUI or D.U.I.)

Driving on a Revoked or Suspended Licensenashville dui lawyers

Vehicular Assault

Vehicular Homicide



If you’ve been charged with any criminal offense in Tennessee, contact a Nashville criminal attorney today to discuss your case. Our Nashville attorneys provide free consultations for all criminal charges.

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