Tips On Avoiding A DUI During The Holiday Season

There aren’t many things that would put more of a damper on the holiday season than getting arrested for DUI. It’s important that we remind ourselves holiday party dui to plan ahead before attending events where alcohol will be served.

The following are a few helpful tips to help you avoid a holiday DUI

  • Get a designated driver. The best option is to always choose a designated driver that is not going to drink any alcohol. If you are attending the event with your spouse or roommate a sober driver should be no problem. However, if that’s not an option, you can always think about carpooling with some friends.
  • Make overnight plans. Spend a bit extra and get a hotel room. Cheaper than a DUI, and will be nice at 2am when you finally decide its time to go to bed.
  • Take a cab. You can always drive yourself to the event, leave your car there, and make plans to get a taxi home from the party and have a friend take you back to your car the next morning. Look at a taxi as DUI prevention insurance. The cost is substantially less than the costs associated with a DUI.
  • Drink Responsibly. One drink can easily turn into three, then four. If you choose to drink, limit yourself to 1 or 2 drinks at most and stick to it. If that doesn’t sound like fun, choose one of the above options and stick to that plan.

If you choose to drink responsibly, you certainly run the risk of being charged with a DUI. If there is alcohol on your breath and/or you admit to drinking alcohol, then chances are you are going to be asked to submit to a field sobriety test. If impairment is suspected by law enforcement, it is almost certain you will be asked to give a breath or blood test. Refuse either of those tests and you are on your way to jail. Submit to the tests and you may make your DUI case very difficult to defend.

A common misconception with alcohol is that how you feel is directly correlated to your level of intoxication. Although there will be some correlation, it isn’t entirely true. Drinking water and eating food can often times make a person ‘feel’ more sober, however their blood alcohol level will be the same at that moment as if they had not eaten at all. Eating may sober a person up, but it doesn’t change their blood alcohol level. Tennessee law does not require the district attorney to prove that you are intoxicated, only that your blood alcohol level is .08 or greater or that your level of intoxication substantially impairs your ability to drive.  Many individuals can perform very well on field sobriety tests even when their blood alcohol level is over .08, meaning that while they may feel fine to drive, getting behind the wheel of their car may be setting them up for a DUI.

If you have been charged with DUI, it’s imperative you seek the services of an experienced, competent criminal law or DUI attorney. Contact Shipman & Crim, Attorneys At Law to schedule a consultation.

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