Possession/Employment of a Handgun During the Commission of a Dangerous Felony (Crooks with Guns)

Mandatory incarceration without parole is Tennessee’s recent legislative response to gun crime. “Crooks with Guns” is “the largest investment in crime fighting legislation by the state of Tennessee in more than a decade,” according to Tennessee Senate Republican Leader Mark Norris. This new criminal law provides mandatory minimum criminal sentences of 3 to 10 years, when a handgun is possessed or used in a qualifying felony offense. Larger metropolitan cities in Tennessee, such as Nashville, have placed a particular emphasis on punishing weapon related charges in the Tennessee.  Furthermore, the District Attorney’s Office works in tandem with the Federal Government in reviewing and prosecuting handgun offenses. Proper review of your case by a Nashville criminal defense attorney is imperative, given Tennessee and the Federal Government’s tough stance on Guns.

If you are a felon and have been arrested and charged with a gun related crime in Tennessee, immediately contact our gun crime criminal defense attorneys in Nashville.

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