Nashville Criminal Attorneys Explain: Crackdown on Patronizing Prostitution

Recently, law enforcement around the city of Nashville has cracked down on prostitution related crimes, including patronizing prostitution. The street corner is becoming old school while websites like and have become a primary source of advertising prostitution related services. Tennessee is no different and law enforcement in the Nashville area has taken notice. ‘Sting’ operations have become the norm in an attempt to curb prostitution and patronizing prostitution in the Nashville area.

Patronizing Prostitution in Tennessee is generally a Class B Misdemeanor, (see the law on patronizing prostitution in Tennessee for exceptions) however getting caught and charged with any prostitution related crime, including patronizing prostitution, may have lifelong effects on a person’s life, including their family and career, and can be much more damaging than the misdemeanor classification indicates. If you have been charged with patronizing prostitution in the Nashville area it is imperative you discuss your case and any defenses which may be available with a patronizing prostitution defense attorney in Nashville. There are many defenses which may be available to a patronizing prostitution charge, including entrapment. Our criminal attorneys include a former prosecutor and understand the sensitivity and confidentiality most clients desires.

Contact our office for a free confidential consultation with our Nashville prostitution and patronizing prostitution defense attorneys about your prostitution or patronizing prostitution charge in Nashville.

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