Nashville DUI Attorneys Explain: Don’t want to do jail time for 1st DUI in TN?

Generally, a first offense DUI conviction requires a minimum of 48 hours jail, in addition to the fines, court costs and the loss of your driver’s license. For most law abiding citizens the thought of ANY jail time is a scary thought.

There is an alternative to jail time for a DUI first in Tennessee.

In Tennessee, first time DUI offenders in Nashville (or any other city which has a population great than 100,000) can perform 200 hours of community service work instead of 48 hours of jail. Count it – 5 full work weeks. That’s a lot of community service, however that option is available for those who strongly desire to avoid doing any jail time.

This article addresses situations where there are no good defenses to your DUI charge and you are negotiating a plea agreement with the DUI prosecutor. It is imperative if you have been charged with a DUI in Nashville, TN that you discuss your case with a Nashville DUI attorney. Our DUI defense attorneys include a former DUI prosecutor and offer free consultations for those charged with a DUI in Nashville or a surrounding area. Our Nashville DUI Attorneys serve the following areas: Ashland City, TN (Cheatham County), Springfield, TN (Robertson County), Brentwood – Franklin, TN (Williamson County), Gallatin, TN (Sumner County), and Lebanon, TN (Wilson County).

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