Specific Criminal Defense Related Services in Tennessee

Our team of criminal defense attorneys in Nashville can also handle the following types of situations:

Probation Violation Hearings

Not all violations of probation are equal, and not all will result in your sentence being placed into effect.  Probation violation resolutions are first negotiated with the Prosecutor, to determine if there needs to be a hearing before the Judge.  In probation violations, the standard of proof for the Prosecutor is much lower than at trial, and the Judge can place the entire sentence into effect if the Judge agrees that the probation terms were violated.  Please call 829-8259 to have the case reviewed by a Nashville criminal attorney and to obtain representation before the violation proceeds to Court.

Do you think there is a warrant for your arrest?

If you know you are in violation of your probation, and believe there is a warrant out for your arrest in Tennessee, you need to have a criminal attorney review your situation.  Most Probation Officers and Judges do not want to put you in jail for failing a drug test or failing to report. Please call 829-8259 to have a criminal attorney review your case and possibly have the situation resolved without having your sentence placed into effect.

Motions to Reduce Bond

Obviously it is better to deal with the stress of pending charges when you are with your loved ones, than when you are incarcerated.  Bond amounts are usually set by a Magistrate or the Grand Jury, and can often be set higher than necessary.  Your circumstances may be such that a high bond is not appropriate, and a Criminal Court Judge may see fit to reduce your bond to a more reasonable amount.  In order to get your case before a Judge, an attorney must file a Motion and call witnesses in your behalf.  If your bond amount is too high, it is important to have a criminal attorney review the facts of the case and your current situation to determine if a bond reduction hearing is appropriate.  Please call 829-8259 to discuss whether a bond reduction motion is appropriate in your or a loved one’s case.

Motions to Suspend Sentence

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office and CCA provide programs for inmates to rehabilitate themselves, so they can be successful once released back into society. If your loved one is incarcerated (unless they are in the Tennessee Department of Corrections), they may be able to perform programs that will convince a Judge that they are ready to rejoin society before the sentence is set to end.  An attorney must file a motion before the appropriate Judge for a hearing, so please call 829-8259 to see if you or a loved one is an appropriate candidate for a motion to suspend sentence.

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