Dickson City Court – Criminal Defense

Many municipal courts only have the authority to hear certain types of cases, such as traffic violations. This is not true for Dickson City Court, which has the authority to hear and decide the same types of cases as any General Sessions court. Dickson City Court hears all types of criminal cases, including DUI’s, Assaults, Drug Possession and any other misdemeanor or felony.

Do you accept criminal cases in Dickson City Court?

Yes. Our criminal lawyers are familiar with all courts in Dickson County, including Dickson City Court.

I’ve never been in trouble before. Am I going to jail?

It depends on the charge, however for most cases it is rare that a first time offender is sentenced to a jail sentence. Probation is more common, which of course can result in jail time if you fail to comply with the agreement. Your case may also qualify for diversion – a way of keeping the case off your record.

What types of cases do your lawyers handle in Dickson City Court?

Our defense attorneys handle all types of criminal cases in Dickson City Court, including all felony and misdemeanor crimes.

Where is Dickson City Court located?

Dickson City Court is located at 202 South Main St, Dickson, TN 37055.

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