First Offense DUI in Tennessee

DUI charges are unique in the sense that  it is one of the few crimes, that non-criminals commit. As human beings we make mistakes however it is rare that our mistakes are also crimes. Likewise, sometimes officers make mistakes while doing their job. In both situations there are consequences and it is our job to ensure the best outcome for your situation.nashville-criminal-attorney

What am I facing if convicted of DUI first in Tennessee?

Conviction for a first offense DUI in Tennessee carries the following punishment:

  • Mandatory Minimum of 48 hours in jail (If BAC greater than .20, mandatory 7 days in jail)
  • Maximum $1,500 Fine
  • Loss of drivers license for one year
  • Community Service
  • Ignition Interlock Mandatory with BAC greater than .08

How am I supposed to get to and from work without a drivers license?

There are several options available to allow you to drive while your license is suspended. Restricted licenses permit you to travel to and from work during certain hours. In most cases, installation of the ignition interlock device would permit you to drive anywhere at anytime, however requires you to blow into the machine prior to starting your vehicle each time. Effective as of 2013 the DUI law was amended in Tennessee to require anyone whose blood alcohol level is over .08 is now required to have ignition interlock installed in their vehicles to obtain a drivers’ license.

Aren’t all first DUI charges reduced to reckless driving?

No. This is perhaps the most common myth about a DUI first offense in Tennessee. Each case is analyzed on its own facts and each district attorney will weigh certain factors when determining their offer, including and most important, what defenses you may have available. Our job as DUI defense lawyers is to analyze your case and determine which of those factors weigh most heavily in your favor and use those to your advantage while defending your case.

Do I need an Attorney if I know I am guilty of DUI?

Often there are issues which arise with cases that non-attorneys would never recognize. The law as a whole, and in particular, the laws regarding DUI in Tennessee are complex. Obtaining a proper analysis is important in any legal case and is imperative in a scenario where you could face jail time. There are many aspects of a DUI arrest in Tennessee which require careful analysis both from a factual standpoint and a legal standpoint. Our DUI defense attorneys include a former DUI prosecutor who provides a unique perspective and offers free consultations for all DUI cases in Nashville and surrounding counties.

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