“Felony” Citations

Contrary to what you may have been told or what is written on your citation, Tennessee law only permit citations to be written for misdemeanor offenses. During Bonnaroo approximately 400 people will be charged with a drug or drug related offense. Making arrests takes time and is more difficult in a festival setting. Furthermore, most of the charges from Bonnaroo will be resolved as misdemeanors. The large volume of cases that present themselves require law enforcement to find a more efficient way to charge people. Every year, there are many citations written which say “Felony”, or include a statute which references the felony statute. It is a misdemeanor citation, however “Felony” indicates to the prosecutor that they need to take a closer look at the case prior to resolving. If the district attorney elected to do so, the case could be taken to the grand jury to have the charges amended to a felony.

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