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Our Nashville Attorneys are here to assist you with nearly any legal need. Our law firm practices in these areas:

Criminal Defense. With a former Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County Prosecutor on staff, our criminal attorneys have experience handling nearly every type of criminal offense in Tennessee, including homicides of all degrees, drug defense, DUI defense, simple, domestic and aggravated assaults, burglary, theft, gun and weapon related crimes, order of protection violations and probation violations in Nashville.

Personal Injury. If you have been injured in an accident its important you receive a fair settlement for injuries which may last a life time. Our Nashville attorneys are here to assist you with your injury claims.

Business Services. Whether drafting, entering into or negotiating a contract for your business, it is important you have an attorney who understands your goals and who can explain to you implications of the entire business agreement. Our staff includes a former in-house counsel that assisted in the growth of an emerging Franklin, TN based sports training company who can assist you with the growth of your business.

Our attorneys can also assist you with social security disability claims, landlord – tenant disputes, detainer warrants, collections, divorce actions, and child custody proceedings. Contact our Nashville attorneys to discuss your case today at (615) 829 – 8259.

Featured Criminal Defense Legal Articles by Nashville Attorneys

Nashville Criminal Attorneys Explain Self Defense in Tennessee: When can I use Deadly Force for Protection?

A fundamental tenant of responsible gun ownership is knowing under what circumstances the use of deadly force is permitted. This Nashville criminal lawyer blog article is intended to educate citizens in Tennessee of their rights generally as to self-defense however is not intended as legal advice (as every case is different). [Full Article in Criminal Defense]

Nashville DUI Attorneys Explain: Don’t want to do jail time for 1st DUI in TN?

Generally, a first offense DUI conviction requires a minimum of 48 hours jail, in addition to the fines, court costs and the loss of your driver’s license. For most law abiding citizens the thought of ANY jail time is a scary thought. There is an alternative to jail time for a DUI first in Tennessee. [Full Article in DUI Defense]

Nashville DUI Attorneys Explain the Only Way to Beat a DUI in Tennessee

Often, I’ll see other DUI attorneys offer advice as to how to ‘beat a DUI’. If you look closely at the suggestions, they aren’t actually offering advice on beating a DUI. They are 1.) Offering standard tips which are common sense if you’ve been drinking (or arrested), or they 2.) Consist of reasons DUI charges are often reduced or dismissed. [Full Article in DUI Defense]


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