Nashville Criminal Attorneys Explain: Crackdown on Patronizing Prostitution

Recently, law enforcement around the city of Nashville has cracked down on prostitution related crimes, including patronizing prostitution. The street corner is becoming old school while websites like and have become a primary source of advertising prostitution related services. Tennessee is no different and law enforcement in the Nashville area has taken notice. ‘Sting’ operations have become the norm in an attempt to curb prostitution and patronizing prostitution in the Nashville area. Patronizing Prostitution in Tennessee is generally a Class B Misdemeanor, … [Read more...]

Nashville Criminal Attorneys Explain: Entrapment in Tennessee

Entrapment is now a valid defense in Tennessee, based on the premise that “public policy demands a purity of government and its processes which does not exist when law enforcement, in effect, manufactures the crime and the criminal as opposed to preventing the crime and apprehending the criminal.” (See State v. Jones, 598 S.W.2d at 216; State v. Shropshire, 874 S.W.2d at 638.) The defense of entrapment did not exist in Tennessee until the 1980 Tennessee Supreme Court Decision in State v. Jones.  In 1989 the Legislature set out the defense of Entrapment in Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-11-505 as … [Read more...]

Nashville Criminal Lawyer Explains Your Rights as a Criminal Defendant

Both the United States and the State of Tennessee’s Constitution guarantees defendants in a criminal case certain rights which are critical to the defense of your case. 1. Right against Self Incrimination. It’s the ‘right to remain silent’ of Miranda. It’s also your right to testify, or to not testify at trial. Because of this right it can’t be held against you if you choose not to testify. 2. Right to a Criminal Attorney. Whether you can, or can’t afford one, you are entitled to a criminal defense attorney to assist in the defense of your criminal case. 3. Right to Call Witnesses and … [Read more...]

9 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Attorney Even for a Misdemeanor Charge

The ‘But, it’s just a misdemeanor’ demeanor, implying that the charges are not that serious and the punishments not that severe are typically incorrect. Aside from potential jail time, any criminal conviction can greatly impact your life. You need to be informed and understand the impact of the decision you make regarding your criminal case. Hiring a criminal attorney might be the best ‘career’ move you ever made. Consider this: 1. A criminal conviction will substantially decrease your likelihood of getting a job; 2. Fines assessed without any consideration as to your ability to … [Read more...]

Nashville Criminal Lawyers Explain Gun Ownership Without a Permit in Tennessee

I have been asked by several people who have either recently lawfully purchased a firearm or are considering purchasing a firearm, where they can keep the firearm and how to lawfully transport the firearm in their vehicle if they are going hunting or to the shooting range.  I would like to take each in order, with the caveat that this applies to firearms owners who are legally permitted to own firearms (persons of proper age, no felony convictions, not under the influence, etc.) who are in possession of firearms in legally permitted areas (not restricted areas such as school property, … [Read more...]

Nashville Criminal Lawyers Explain: Child Support Criminal Contempt

I am going to immediately digress from the blog topic to address a related common myth. I’m not sure the origination of the myth, but I’ve been asked this question many times recently: Did Obama push legislature through which prohibits incarceration for failing to pay child support? No,  no such law exists. Obama did discuss providing more funding for child support enforcement under the shaky at best theory that for every one dollar spent on child support enforcement, $4 was paid. (Entirely ignoring the fact that in probably 80% of those cases, no enforcement was necessary.) I’ve read and … [Read more...]

Cursing is a Class C Misdemeanor in Tennessee

It's true. In court anyway. Tennessee Code Annotated 29-9-107 states that anyone who 'profanely swears or curses' in the presence of any court of record commits a Class C Misdemeanor. (Although admittedly, I was unable to ascertain precisely which words would be considered to rise to the level of profane or cursing.) Just another reason to think twice before you let loose in the court room. - Your Nashville Criminal Lawyers … [Read more...]

Tennessee Supreme Court Issues Stay on Executions

After a series of events beginning with the challenge of Tennessee execution procedures in a Nashville court, a ruling by a Nashville judge those procedures were unconstitutional, and a subsequent modification to those procedures which would permit the execution to move forward, a ruling by the Tennessee Supreme Court permitting the executions to move forward and finally the reconsideration by the Tennessee Supreme Court to allow the criminal defense attorneys for the death row inmates an opportunity to rebut the constitutionality of the modified execution procedures. The execution for … [Read more...]

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