Nashville Criminal Attorneys Explain Extortion in Tennessee

What is extortion? The criminal offense of extortion is committed when a person uses coercion on another person with the intent to obtain property, services, any advantage or immunity OR to restrict unlawfully another’s freedom of action. Often this criminal offense is associated with organized crime. What defenses are available? There are two affirmative defenses specifically provided for the crime of extortion. Repayment for harm done and compensation for property or lawful services. Both situations are scenarios where the person who was allegedly coerced, actually owed the … [Read more...]

Nashville Criminal Attorneys Explain: Entrapment in Tennessee

Entrapment is now a valid defense in Tennessee, based on the premise that “public policy demands a purity of government and its processes which does not exist when law enforcement, in effect, manufactures the crime and the criminal as opposed to preventing the crime and apprehending the criminal.” (See State v. Jones, 598 S.W.2d at 216; State v. Shropshire, 874 S.W.2d at 638.) The defense of entrapment did not exist in Tennessee until the 1980 Tennessee Supreme Court Decision in State v. Jones.  In 1989 the Legislature set out the defense of Entrapment in Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-11-505 as … [Read more...]

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