Recent Prostitution and Drug Stings in Nashville

The Nashville – Davidson County Metropolitan Police Department provided a press release recently indicating they have continued their focus on prostitution and drug sting operations in the Nashville area. The stings ranged from online prostitution related charges stemming from websites such as Craigslist and Backpage to drug sting ‘buy’ operations. All in all, over 100 individuals were charged within a one week period in select Nashville communities. Multiple vehicles and substantial quantities of cocaine, marijuana and pills were seized during the drug sting operations. If you have been … [Read more...]

Nashville Criminal Attorneys Explain: Crackdown on Patronizing Prostitution

Recently, law enforcement around the city of Nashville has cracked down on prostitution related crimes, including patronizing prostitution. The street corner is becoming old school while websites like and have become a primary source of advertising prostitution related services. Tennessee is no different and law enforcement in the Nashville area has taken notice. ‘Sting’ operations have become the norm in an attempt to curb prostitution and patronizing prostitution in the Nashville area. Patronizing Prostitution in Tennessee is generally a Class B Misdemeanor, … [Read more...]

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