TN Drug Possession Laws Bonnaroo 2013

Here are some pointers and FYI’s in hopes you can avoid a possession citation or arrest while you’re at Bonnaroo. Drug

tn drug laws

Tennessee Drug Laws

crimes in Tennessee are complex and potential consequences if convicted can require looking at a number of factors, including the type of drug, whether any potential enhancements may apply (such as whether you were charged within a school zone) and the range of the offender if it is a felony charge. This is intended to be a summary of Tennessee’s drug laws, however if you have either been arrested or received a citation for a drug offense, you should call a Tennessee lawyer and consult directly with them about your case.

Which drugs are illegal in Tennessee?

Any scheduled drug, without a prescription, is illegal. (Includes marijuana and synthetic marijuana.)

Drug Crimes in Tennessee

Simple Possession: of any drug in Tennessee is a Class A Misdemeanor, punishable by fines, costs and 11 months, 29 days in jail. If you received a citation for any drug crime, it is a misdemeanor drug offense. If you were arrested, it could be either a misdemeanor or a felony. Minimum fines depend on the schedule of the drug and court costs vary in each Tennessee county. Typically, a simple possession charge, with both court costs and fines, will be anywhere from $1,000 to $1,600.

Possession with Intent: Tennessee law has pre-determined that certain amounts of drugs are indicative of more than ‘just for personal use’. This does not mean you are presumed guilty of a felony drug crime. The State of Tennessee still must prove you possessed the drugs with the intent to sell or distribute beyond a reasonable doubt.

Sale of a Controlled Substance: When charged, a law enforcement officer has typically directly observed a drug sale, or more often, the sale involved an undercover officer. Sale of a controlled substance in Tennessee is a felony, the potential sentence being determined by the type and amount of the drug (see: Scheduled Drugs in Tennessee), the location of the sale, and the number of prior felonies the person being charged has been convicted.

Marijuana Laws in Tennessee 

Any amount greater than ½ an ounce of Marijuana can be charged as a Felony in Tennessee

Up to ½ ounceClass A Misdemeanor (Simple Possession)

½ Ounce to 10 lbsClass E Felony, 1 – 6 years, (Sale, or Possession with Intent)

10 lbs to 70 lbsClass D Felony, 2 – 12 years, (Sale, or Possession with Intent)

70 lbs to 300 lbsClass C Felony, 3 – 15 years,  (Sale, or Possession with Intent)

300+ lbs Class B Felony, 8 – 30 years, (Sale, or Possession with Intent)

Also note that any sale, regardless of the amount, is still a felony offense in Tennessee.

What happens if I am charged with a drug crime? Do I need a Lawyer?

If while attending Bonnaroo, you receive a simple possession citation in Coffee County (and only Coffee County), you may have the option of just paying a fine without having to return for court. If you receive a citation in any other county, you will likely have to come to court to resolve the drug charge.

There may be options available to ensure that this criminal charge does not go on your permanent record. Often, the most painful part is having to return to Tennessee for court. Diversion in Tennessee is the likely the most common way that Bonnaroo drug charges are resolved, since the vast majority of Bonnaroo drug charges are in the form of a citation for simple possession.

If you have received a citation for simple possession of any drug in Tennessee, or arrested for a drug crime, call us today to discuss your case.

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