What do I wear to court?

Clothing Selection for Court – What to Wear in the Courtroom

There are often just two types of communication you will ever have with the district attorney and/or the judge – your clothes and your body language. Read these rules and follow them – your clothing selection for court is important.



  •  Dress like you are going to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t just comply with the court’s dress requirements. Dress in a manner consistent with the image that you want to portray to the court. Guys should wear khakis or dress pants with a button down shirt or polo. A coat and tie isn’t necessary but generally doesn’t hurt.  Females should dress conservatively. T-shirts, even if technically permissible to the court, should never be worn. T-shirts with any type of message at all should absolutely not be worn and in some courts may not be allowed at all.


  •  Little or no jewelry. Men should not be wearing jewelry at all, with exception to a wedding ring if married. Women should limit themselves to no more than 2 ear rings (1 per ear) and a necklace. Flashy jewelry should never be worn.


  •  If possible, cover-up tattoos.


  •  Your hair should be neatly trimmed and recently cut. Short or long doesn’t matter, but make sure it is maintained and looks ‘clean cut’.


  •  Men should shave the morning of court, or trim their beard.


  •  The colors you wear are important. Generally, conservative colors such as grey are recommended. Solid colors are safest. Avoid very bright colors.


  •  If applicable, tuck your shirt in. Coming to court in the right clothes doesn’t help if the clothes aren’t worn properly.
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